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About Sticks


Federico Hickman

Sticks is a new way of easy eating where the food is served on a stick.
These sticks are fixed on a specially designed wooden board with 6 holes and cut outs for our several sauces you can choose from.

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The sticks are placed upright in these convenient wooden boards and are easily manageable for you.

The sticks categories are:

1.Meat  2.Fish 3.Vegan 4.Vegetarian 5.Desserts
The full menu of sticks consists of at least 50 different sticks options prepared according to your taste.
Sticks is the 21st Century way of eating, fast, clean and economical. One can determine the number of sticks  and the side order with matching sauces. Prices per stick starts at $2.50,-
All Sticks are either grilled or fried to perfection, with exception of the cold and dessert sticks.


Sticks the revolutionary food serving concept can be applied in restaurants, bar, outlets, grand cafes and clubs, for a clean-no mess-meal


Meet local craftsman Mr Ralph Guda He is a genius with his hands making art out of recycled wood.
What for us is nothing but a piece of lumber is a piece of art waiting to happen in the eyes of Ralph.
Using recycled lumber from local trees like the ‘’kwihi’’ the ‘’watapana’’ and the ‘’wayaka’’ carefully and patiently manipulates the wood thus creating unique pieces of art
We approached him to make our sticks plates luckily he said YES! We ook forward to showing you this artwork in our restaurants.


How does sticks work?

You order 1 or  2 sticks:
Feel free to order your side orders and sauces from the menu
You order 3 sticks
Choose 1 side order and 2 sauces for free
You order 6 sticks
Choose 2 side order and 4 sauces for free
Minimum order of sticks is: 1